More Than a Cone

About MTAC

About MTAC

More Than a Cone, a 501c3 non-profit, is an awareness campaign.

We draw attention to the animal causes of adoption, wellness, and recovery.

The “cone of shame” symbolizes animals at the mercy of our society, but the act of transforming it suggests we can do better for them. 

Through MTAC, artists worldwide step up to show their support for animals. 



According to the ASPCA, 7.6 million animals enter shelters each year in the United States, and of those animals, only 35% are adopted. Nearly a third, or 2.7 million, will be euthanized. We believe that every animal deserves a forever home, and it is our mission to raise awareness about the adoptability and love a shelter animal can give, so that the next time you decided to bring a new pet into your home you consider adoption.



At MTAC, we believe that our support extends beyond adoption, as we strive to focus on educating pet owners about key ways to keep their companion animals happy and healthy. One way in which we try to raise awareness is through the transformative properties of art.



We know that a trip to the vet is sometimes inevitable, and we want to continue to educate and support those who find themselves caring for an animal at home who is often times wearing the "cone of shame."