More Than a Cone

Amy Raasch



Amy has created two stunning videos for the album tracks: “Kitty Decides” and the soulfully spectral “Breathe My Breath.” The video for “Kitty Decides” unpacks the international obsession with feline videos with panache and campy cultural references from 1960s B-movies and television shows like Batman and the original Star Trek. In this vibrant visual panoply, Amy examines the aloofness, self-absorption, and fantasy world that cat fanatics ascribe to their felines. As a cat listlessly flips through channels on a remote control, images range from performance footage of Amy in full, classic Catwoman regalia to modern YouTube cat video classics to a highly stylized, 1960s trailer home in a desert reminiscent of a Russ Meyer flick. 100% of proceeds from the video benefit animal rescue efforts. The breathtakingly animated Cat Bird Coyote serves as an artfully bold music video for the musique concrète-style track, “Breathe My Breath,” but is also a standalone short film that has been selected for seven film festivals. It won Best Animation in the Big Apple Film Festival and Los Angeles Independent Film Festival. It’s a stunning video that ponders the circle of life, themes of control in love, and how we often live in prisons of our own making.  


Amy also explores expression and repression, dominance and submission, sexuality and faith, boundaries in relationships, feminism, and life in the digital age, among other themes and hypotheses. Her imagery is both harrowing and humorous (a huge Omniscient Cat meowing from the sky?!), and her lyrics are brainy, poetic, and emotionally visceral. Creative touchstones include Shakespeare, Carl Jung, kitschy 1960s television shows, and YouTube cat video sensations. 

“Animals metaphorically allow me a way to deal with the world and move through it after a sucker punch to the heart,” she confides. “Instead of falling down and giving up, I can laugh about it through creating beauty, humor, and wonder.”