A Second Chance Means More Than a Number

This November, we’ve teamed up with the San Francisco SPCA to help shine more light on pets over 7 years of age. We hope to encourage those who are looking for new family members to give seniors a second chance at life. Typically, senior pets are often overlooked at shelters due to concerns of their health and longevity. When you adopt a senior at the SF SPCA, new pet owners will receive a Welcome Home Gift from More Than a Cone. Don’t let their age fool you, older dogs have so much to offer and are well deserving of loving homes, and here’s why:

  1. Calmer personalities - Unlike 8 week old puppies, older dogs are a lot calmer.  Senior dogs are much more mellow and go well with people with a more sedentary lifestyle. If you want more of a relaxed dog who you want to sit on the couch with on a lazy Sunday, a senior dog might be best for you!

  2. Less of a mess - Finding a chewed up shoe or torn up couch would not be a surprise with puppies. Puppies tend to be more destructive due to teething behaviors. However, senior dogs are way past their teething stage of life and chances of finding your damaged household items will be less likely.

  3. Less attention - Puppies need lots of training, maintenance, and attention. They will need constant monitoring as they grow up. Senior dogs will still need attention, but significantly less.

  4. Build a close bond with them - Senior dogs still have so much love to give. It doesn’t matter where they came from or who abandoned them, they’ll love you regardless!

  5. Previously trained - Chances are, senior dogs have not been living out on the streets. Many of these senior dogs have once been with previous owners, so they are most likely already trained. Whether their owners have moved out of state, can’t take care of them anymore, or a natural disaster occurred, most of the time these dogs used to have a family and home.

  6. They’re already grown - What you see at the shelter, is what you’ll be taking home and living with. There’s no surprise with them. They have already grown into their personalities and probably will not change. With puppies, you won’t know what kind of dog they will grow up to and their personalities are always unexpected. You’ll learn how they interact and socialize with other dogs and people when you meet them. Shelters can sometime provide you with more detailed information on what their like.

  7. Still trainable - Just because they’re an old dog, doesn’t mean they can’t be trained! Sure, they might be a little slower at catching on, or they aren’t as attentive as puppies are, but they sure can do a couple of tricks to please you!

  8. You’re giving them a second chance! No matter what kind of history they have, they ended up at the shelter for a reason. Normally, senior dogs are overlooked as people are more inclined to adopt puppies. Adopting an older dog is such a rewarding feeling!

A Second Chance Means More Than a Number. Find your senior today at San Francisco SPCA, or your local rescue organization.

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It's Halloween Season! Keep your pets away from chocolate.

Chocolate is a common candy that is given out every Halloween. However, chocolate contains a toxic component called theobromine that is poisonous to dogs! Theobromine contains methylxanthines, which is a substance that is found in cocoa seeds that is also used to make coffee.

Depending on the type of chocolate, different types contain different amounts of theobromine. White chocolate has significantly less theobromine than dark chocolate. The darker and more bitter the chocolate is, the more poisonous it can be to your dog. Additionally, smaller dogs have a lower tolerance level than larger dogs.

The consumption of chocolate can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, extreme thirst, racing heart rate, agitation, high blood pressure, and tremors. Theobromine is poisonous to a dog’s heart and central nervous system, which causes the body to react towards it. An excessive amount consumed can also lead to death.

If you noticed that your dog ingested chocolate, please consult your veterinarian for the next steps to recovery. Your vet will determine how poisonous the chocolate was by asking how much was ingested and how much your dog weighs. It’s best to seek treatment as soon as possible to resolve this issue, before it worsens.  

The best way to treat this is to induce vomiting, depending on when the chocolate was consumed. Hopefully, your dog will vomit on its own. Activated charcoal is another way to treat the poisoning. This is given orally, and used to prevent the absorption of the theobromine from the stomach and intestine. This should be given right after the chocolate has been consumed.

Any candy, chocolate, baked goods, or any form of sweets can be potentially dangerous for dogs. The more that is consumed, the more severe the poisoning can be. Please keep your pets in mind and keep sweets out of reach from your pets this Halloween!

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Adopt a Beagle! Here's Why.

If you’re wondering why Beagles make the best companions, you’re looking at the right place. Beagles date back to the 1800’s and were bred for the purpose of hunting due to their great sense of smell and loyalty. By the 1840’s, Beagles made their way from England to the United States, specifically for hunting purposes. While there are many different variations of Beagles in size, color, and personality, the standard Beagle began to develop throughout America and into the 20th century. Today, Beagles stand to be one of the most popular breeds as family pets all over the world.

Currently, Priceless Pet Rescue rescued over 60+ Beagles in the last month from horrific living conditions in Tennessee. Fortunately, they have been safely transported here in California in hopes to find their new loving families. We’ve shared several reasons to why adopting a Beagle might be the best decision you’ll ever make.

  1. Beagles are super friendly dogs! They get along with almost any person, child, dog, cat, and other pets. They have a great temperament, and you never have to worry about them not getting along with the other pooches at the dog park. They love being surrounded by people and sharing their love with others. Socializing them with outsiders can help them develop social skills and be more cooperative with others.

  2. Beagles are a great size. They are medium sized dogs and range from 18-30 pounds. They fit perfectly as an indoor dog, and can snuggle up with you on the bed.

  3. Beagles are low maintenance when it comes to grooming. They are short haired dogs, which means they have low grooming needs. Because they are medium sized dogs, you can easily bathe them in your own bathroom. However, beagles do shed and grow a thicker coat for the winter. Don’t be surprised when you find fur around the house.

  4. Of course, all dogs will need some sort of training to be a great family dog. Beagles are smart pooches! If you have the time and patience to train a Beagle, you’ll soon find out that they’re extremely intelligent. Beagles are very loyal and obedient, and will love to please their owners by being great listeners.

  5. Beagles are hounds, which make them very alert dogs. This makes them great watch dogs, and warn you if they hear any suspicious noise. This also means that they can be very vocal as well, it’s in their nature to be! Beagles also have a great sense of smell.

  6. They are playful breeds. Just like most dogs, they will need to play and exercise on a daily basis. Looking for a buddy to go hiking or running with? Beagles would love to explore the outdoors with you, and would love to stay by your side! A good walk through the park or car ride would easily make them happy dogs.

  7. Their life expectancy ranges from 12-15 years. If you want a partner for as long as you can, beagles are the way to go. They will give you nothing but love, loyalty, and affection for as long as they live.

  8. Did we mention they’re adorable?! Known for their tri colored coat, and long ears, beagles are very, very cute breeds! No doubt you’ll fall in love with one.

Remember when bringing home a dog, you must be ready for all the responsibilities it can come with. Many times new pet owners return the dog to the shelters because they don’t realize how much it takes to own one. Please be responsible and do your research before adopting!

Thanks to Priceless Pets Rescue, many of the rescued Beagles have found their forever homes and settled into their new families. However, several Beagles have still yet to find their homes at Priceless Pet Rescue, and would love to meet you! If you think a Beagle matches your lifestyle, please stop by their rescue center today, and have a meet and greet with them. Visit them today at their Chino Hills or Claremont location.


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Adopt a Dog that Fits You, Your Lifestyle and Your Home

Looking to adopt but unsure whether the dog is a good fit for you? Before you adopt, please do your research before bringing home the cutest puppy you see at the shelter. Often times, new pet owners learn that there are a lot more responsibilities to owning a dog, and then end up returning them to the shelter. Here are some factors to consider before committing to a dog.

1.    Every dog is different. The breed of the dog plays a large role in personality and temperament. Breeds such as Huskies, Australian Shepherds, and Corgis are high energy dogs that will need a lot of exercise. which means lots of walks, runs, hikes, and dog parks! However, low temperament dogs such as Basset Hounds, Chow Chows, French Bulldogs can spend an entire Sunday watching movies with you. It is so important to do your research on the personality of dogs before committing to a furry companion.

2.    Small or large breed? Don’t forget that a puppy will grow and will not stay in its puppy size. Know the breed of the dog before adopting to see how large the dog can grow up to. If you’re living in a small apartment, you might want to consider adopting a small sized dog rather than a large sized dog. You’re going to have to make room for them to sleep, eat, and play. Read our blog post on deciding between small or large breeds.

3.    Where will they be doing their business? Backyards are great for dogs to play and run, and eliminate. Dogs will need proper housetraining to learn where and where not to urinate and defecate. How often will they be able to access the backyard?

4.    Are you looking for someone to do outdoor activities with? If camping, hiking, swimming, are all on your bucket list during the summer, then you’re looking for an athletic dog. You want to find a dog who will also find joy in doing these activities with.

5.    Does your house or apartment allow for pets? Please check to see if your landlord allows for dogs. The worst case is to bring a pup home, only to realize that the dog will have to be removed from the premises. You don’t want that to happen!

6.    Are you or any of your family members allergic to dogs? Several breeds are known to be hypoallergenic, such as the Bichon Frise, Poodle, and Yorkshire Terrier, and Maltese. Read more about dog allergies in one of our previous blog posts.

7.    Do you have time to train the dog? When the dog exhibits bad behavior, proper training will be necessary. While not all dogs will be destructive, have separation anxiety, or is extremely vocal, bad behavior can be altered when you have the time and patience to train the dog. Teaching basic commands can help control and socialize the dog.

8.    Are you able to seek veterinary care? This is so important! Every pup should be up to date with their vaccines, and get annual checkups to ensure great health. Veterinary attention can be expensive, so be sure you’re able to handle a new family member financially.

Every dog deserves to be loved and cared for. If you don’t have the time to commit to a pup, it’s best if you don’t bring one home. Best of luck in finding your perfect match!

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