Cat Coat Care


Coat Care for Cats!

It’s in a cat’s nature to keep themselves clean, but sometimes they miss some spots too. A cat’s coat doesn’t stay shiny by itself, and they’ll need your help. Through time, natural oils will settle in their fur, hair will become loose, and dandruff will appear. Grooming is imperative for your cat to have a healthy coat, so here are several ways you can help them stay clean:

A good way to keep your cat’s coat healthy is regular brushing. Brushing will remove any loose hairs, oils, dead skin cells, and dandruff. Long, silky coats require daily brushing to prevent their fur from being tangled. Some cats will enjoy this experience and some will not. When you first start to brush your cat, they might feel uncomfortable. Start off slow and gradually increase the time of brushing sessions for your cat to adjust.

Choosing a Shampoo
Depending on your cat, their fur or skin may be more sensitive than others. Do not use human shampoo or soap on your cat because it can be too harsh on their skin and cause irritation. They will need a gentle, pH balanced shampoo that is formulated specifically for cats. They can easily be found in pet stores!

Cats do not need to be bathe as frequently as dogs do, but they will eventually reach a time when they will need one. There is a high chance that your cat will not enjoy the experience, but they will thank you for it after! Before bathing, brush out the tangled fur and remove loose hair. Use lukewarm water and gently massage them from head to tail with a cat-formulated shampoo. Be careful to not get their ears, eyes, or nose! Rinse thoroughly and be sure that all of the soap is rinsed out. If your cat is frantic or if you don’t feel comfortable bathing him or her, taking them to the groomer’s is always an option.

Your cat will get cold after the bathing! Use a towel to dry off your kitty. If your cat can tolerate loud noises, use a blow dryer on the lowest setting, but be sure to keep a distance from the blow dryer and your cat.

Alternative for a Bath
Some cats will need to be bathed more frequently than others, depending on how much they are outdoors and how active they are. Another option to keep them clean are cat wipes! They can be used as a touch up in between baths or grooming sessions. Cat wipes help neutralize odors and remove loose hair to prevent hairballs.

Keeping your cat’s coat shiny and clean will result in a happier, healthier life.

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