Keep Your Pets Safe this Holiday Season!



Christmas is just around the corner and we have several safety tips on how to celebrate the holidays with your pets.

  1. Choosing a Christmas tree - Consider choosing an artificial tree over a real tree this Christmas to prevent cats from using it as a scratching post. Real trees can be potentially harmful for your indoor cat. Be sure the tree is stable, just in case your kitty decides to climb it.
  2. Holiday decor - You know your pet the best, use your judgement on choosing holiday decor. If you have mischievous pets who love to destroy nice things, avoid placing them where they reach them. Some cats are attracted to dangling shiny objects, so if the ornaments are on the lower end of the tree, your cats can possibly play with them. Glass ornaments are fragile, so try to keep those out of their reach!
  3. Keep them warm! - Our pets get cold too. Dress them up with sweaters, hoodies or raincoats. Be sure they are wearing the proper size that fits comfortably on them. Larger dogs can resist the cold better than smaller dogs can. Try to keep them indoors if possible.
  4. Candles - With colder temperatures, candles can really set the mood at this time of year! However, they can be hazardous if your pets can get to them, so please light them in places you know your pets can’t get to.
  5. Fireplaces - Fireplaces are a great source of warmth in the house too, but for your pet’s safety please provide a cover or screen to shield your pets from the fire. Keep a distance between them, you don’t want to set their tails on fire!
  6. Lights - While we want to decorate our homes with dazzling lights all around, they can be potentially hazardous if pets can get to them. To prevent them from biting the wires and getting electrocuted, do not leave the wires in places where they can reach. Tape the lights in high places, such as along the wall.
  7. Watch what they’re eating! - If you’re thinking of throwing a Christmas party or gathering at your home this year, consider your pets’ safety as well. Keep dishes out of their reach, you don’t want Max to ruin Christmas dinner! Remember to clean up after yourselves and keep their noses out of the trash.
  8. Leaving for vacation? – Take your dog to the boarding kennel or hire a pet sitter while you are away. Never leave them attended for long periods of time.

We hope that everyone has a safe and fun holiday season this year! Remember to always keep your pets in mind.

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