Why You Should Adopt a Chihuahua


Although the smallest breeds of dogs take up the least amount of room, chihuahuas are one of the top breeds that end up at the shelter. Did you know that they are often euthanized if they don’t find a home? Here’s why adopting chihuahua might be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make:

  1. Small size - This is an obvious one, but people love Chihuahuas for their size. They typically weigh about 3-6 pounds and can almost fit in your pocket. Whether you’re grabbing lunch for the kids, going last minute gift shopping or visiting a friend, little dogs are very easy to travel with. You can even put them in your purse!
  2. Take up less room - Living in a two-bedroom apartment or studio? Chihuahuas are tiny furry creatures that fit well in a small home. All they would need is a place to sleep, food, water, and a place to go potty.
  3. Easy to find - Since Chihuahuas are one of the most popular breeds that end up at a shelter, you can find one (or a mixed breed) at almost any shelter. They come in different colored coats and can have either long or short hair.
  4. Live long lives - Chihuahuas can live up to 16 years or more! They are one of the longest living breeds. As long as they have maintained a healthy lifestyle, they can live really long lives.
  5. Least expensive - Having a smaller dog means you’re going to be spending less on their necessities such as food and treats. If you’re on a budget and looking for a companion, chihuahuas would be your best bet.
  6. Perfect lap dog - Their tiny bodies make the perfect fit for your lap. If you’re thinking of having a lazy Sunday, they’ll keep you company while you binge watch Netflix. They make the best cuddle buddies as well.
  7. Lots of energy - If you’re looking for a new friend at home to go to the park with or take on walks, a little dog full of energy will would be the perfect buddy! No doubt that they will keep your family entertained.
  8. Easy to train - Don’t underestimate their abilities just because they weigh under 10 pounds, they are very intelligent! As long as you have patience and treats, Chihuahuas are quick to learn new tricks. Smaller dogs are easier to house train as well.
  9. Have personality - These little love bugs have sassy personalities with big hearts! They may have some attitude, but that’s what makes them so lovable. Just like any other dog, they can be socialized and trained to get along with kids and other dogs.
  10. That’s one less Chihuahua in the shelter - One of the most rewarding feelings is knowing you saved a life. Adopting a dog will save overpopulation in shelters and make room for more homeless dogs in need.
Winnie GohComment