10 Perks of Fostering

Are you considering a new pet for your home, but aren’t sure what breed, size, or age is fit for your home? Or maybe you know what you’re looking for, and you want to adopt, but you have other considerations that give you a pause. Try fostering! Either fostering a new litter or a dog/ cat who needs special attention can help a shelter tremendously.

Here are 10 perks of fostering a dog/ cat:

  1. Saving lives. Fostering for even a week, month, or half a year can help save the life of a cat or dog in various ways. Being a volunteer foster parent is truly a rewarding experience, especially when you watch them grow, become less anxious, and start becoming more social.

  2. Clears space. With so many abandoned dogs and cats entering animal shelters, there are less space there is for each animal. When you foster, it clears up a spot for another incoming pet.

  3. You’ll get to know them. Fostering is essential for the process of adoption. The animal will have the chance to experience what it is like inside a home. Foster parents can take note of some habits and specific needs that the animal have, which will be useful for future adopters to know about them - whether they are good with kids, are potty trained, or have separation anxiety. Most animals who have been fostered have a higher chance of being adopting!

  4. Afraid of long term commitment? If you are interested in having a furry friend in your home but you are still unsure if you can keep him, fostering is the answer! You can decide on how long you want to foster them, but it is preferred that you foster the animal until it has found a permanent home, so timing can vary depending on each situation.

  5. Temporary emotional support. Having a dog or cat can really help you through tough times. You can’t go wrong with a furry friend by your side to help you cope. Even if you aren’t ready to have a pet of your own, they will be there for you in the meantime.

  6. Want a pet but aren’t sure? If you’re interested in having a new dog or cat at home, but aren’t sure which is the most suitable for you, consider fostering. You get to know the dog or cat on a more personal level and you get to see if they are fit for you.

  7. They feel loved again. Many animals behave differently in a shelter than they do in other situations, which is totally understandable. Imagine being in a cage, in an unfamiliar place with other scared animals. When you foster, the dog or cat will have the chance to feel what it’s like to be loved and played with again. They get to experience free space and have human interaction. They’ll love and appreciate you by showering you with attention and kisses.

  8. Helps them socialize. An animal in a shelter will forget what it’s like to socialize with other animals and humans. They may be shy at first because they have been abandoned by their previous owner. This helps them become more social and experience what it is like outside of a caged environment.

  9. All you need is your time and love! No need to worry about veterinary bills - the shelter has you covered.

  10. Maybe you’ll fall in love too! Who knows, there might be a chance that you consider adopting the dog or cat that you fostered. You’ll get just as attached as they are to you. You’ll help them find their forever home.

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William Schwing