6 Reasons to Adopt

You know the story: A dog or cat is surrendered by their owners or worse, found without a collar, tag or microchip in the streets, and they end up in a nearby shelter waiting for someone to come claim them. As more and more animals pack swelling shelters, those who’ve gone without adoption are euthanized to make room for those who might have a better chance at adoption.

But here’s something you may not know: This same story plays out 7.6 million times each year. It’s true. If US shelters were a state, they would have the 13th highest population, more than the state of Washington, more than all of Arizona. In fact, if you added the populations of Rhode Island, Montana, Delaware, North and South Dakota, Alaska, Washington D.C., Vermont and Wyoming they still would not add up to how many animals enter shelters each and every year.

So as you consider adding to your family, here are 6 reasons why the best place to find a new dog/cat is the shelter:

  1. You get to know the dog/cat first. Many shelters allow you to have some time alone with the dog or cat before you make your final decision. The playtime will give you some time to get to know them little better and see if they are suitable for you and your family members. Some of them have previously been placed in foster homes, and previous foster parents could let you know more about what they are like at home, their personalities, and specific quirks about the pet.
  2. Variety. Unsure of what breed, size, age, or personality you want in a dog/cat? There are so many different kinds of dogs or cats that are placed in shelters. Keep an open mind! Whether you are looking for a family dog, a running companion, or a best friend to binge Netflix shows with, the animal shelter is the perfect place to find diversity. You never know what kind of companion you might fall in love with.
  3. Many costs are covered. Most shelters and humane societies have already provided vaccines and have them neutered/ spayed before they are taken home. This will save you a couple hundred dollars from a visit to the vet clinic. When you buy a dog at a pet store, you are more likely going to pay vet fees on top of what you pay for the dog. 
  4. Save money overall! Also, adoption fees for dogs and cats are a lot cheaper than purchasing one from a pet store or breeder. Shelters want to find these animals a safe, loving home, so some fees are necessary, but they are usually within budget. 
  5. They will appreciate you. Being stuck in a cage, in an unfamiliar place, with other scared animals around you for so long is not so fun for any creature, including these animals. They’ll shower you with lots of hugs and kisses. You will feel the love they have for you, and you’ll feel great that knowing that you gave them a chance.
  6. What’s better than knowing that you’ve helped save a life? With so many available animals at the animal shelter who desperately need homes, you are helping them empty spaces for more incoming strays.

If you’re thinking about getting a new friend at home, make a trip to your local animal shelter! There’s no better place to find your perfect match.

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William Schwing