Why Cats Make the Perfect Companion

Did you know that there are more cats owned in households in the United States than dogs? According to the American Pet Products Association (2015-2016), there is an estimate of 85.8 million cats owned, while there are 78 million dogs owned. Although we think of cats as mysterious creatures, they can have big huge, playful personalities, and they make the best companions. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider adopting a cat in your home:

  • Low maintenance - Cats are independent and easy to have around the house. They aren’t like dogs who need your constant attention. They know how to keep themselves busy during the day, so if you’re always on the go, having a cat will be perfect for you! No need to take them on walks either.
  • They’re clean - Cats naturally groom themselves. It is not necessary to bathe them on a regular basis. They know how to keep themselves clean.
  • Quiet - With the exception of the occasion meowing and purring, cats are typically quiet animals. They aren’t as noisy as having dogs (and they won’t bark at the mailmen).
  • Helps with loneliness - You’ll never feel alone when you have a cat around. They make the perfect cuddle buddies too, so if you ever feel like lounging around on a Sunday afternoon, they’ll keep you company.
  • Can be litter trained - Cats are very easily to litter train. They almost naturally know how to use the litter box, so you don’t have to worry about them having accidents around the house. Just provide them a litter box, and you’re good to go! There’s no need for frequent trips to the backyard.
  • They are entertaining - Cats are naturally curious creatures, they love exploring their surroundings. With so much personality, they’ll entertain you as they entertain themselves in their own mischievous ways.
  • Reduces stress - Having a pet to care about distracts you from other worries and frustrations. Cats will help alleviate the stress from other situations, and rather gives you a reason to be happy.
  • Good with kids - Depending on the breed, cats are typically good with children. They’ll mind their own business. Your kids will create an emotional bond with them too.
  • Compatible with other cats - Cats normally get along with other cats, so if you’re thinking of having more than one, it’s possible. If they grow up together, you won’t have to worry about cat fights.
  • You are saving a life - With approximately 3.2 million cats that enter the shelter each year, you will help save a life by providing them a loving home.
William Schwing