9 Ways to Help Rescues


Are you an animal lover and want to give back to the community? Non-profit organizations are constantly looking for people to lend a helping hand. From cleaning cages, feeding the animals, walking the dogs, or simply giving love to the animals, you can make a difference in an animal’s life!

We have several ways you can help with rescues:

Volunteer at adoption events.
Adoption events are held to help the animals find their homes. Volunteers can help with set up and clean up. Interacting with interested adopters can increase the chance of them bringing a new family member home.

Every shelter needs foster homes.
Not ready for the full commitment of having your own dog? One way to help is to foster a pup or kittens in your home. This gives the animal a chance to bond with you and feel loved! They can work on their socializing skills and prepare them to be adopted. With so many animals in the shelter, foster homes allow for more space for incoming animals.

Help with transportation.
Unfortunately, cats and dogs can’t drive. They need a ride too! One way you can help with events is transporting the pup to the assigned location. Some rescue organizations will collect pups from abandoned homes, hoarding situations, or simply to save them from being euthanized. At times, they’ll drive miles and miles just to rescue the pups! If you have a car, why not assist them?

Sew together some beds!
This is a fun DIY project you can do at home! If you have extra fleece, old sweaters, or used cushions lying around your home and want to make use of it, you can sew a fluffy bed for a pet. Here are some easy steps to make a bed.

Donate towels or blankets.
You can donate your used or unwanted towels or blankets you have lying around. If you were going to toss it in the trash anyway, why not put a use to it? Most shelters are cold at night and have hard floors for the animals. These will keep the animals warm at night and have soft bedding to sleep on.

Take photos!
Is taking pictures something you enjoy doing on your free time? Shooting high quality photos help the animals get advertised. These photos can be posted on social media, which gives them a better chance of getting adopted. If you have extra time on your hands, go shoot some pups at the shelter! It makes a tremendous difference from low quality photos to beautiful portraits.

Walk the dogs.
Some shelters allow you to swing by and take the dog out for a walk. Dogs are anxious to come out of their kennels, so they will be jumping for joy when you pull out the leash! This gives you a chance to bond with the dog and gives them some fresh air.

Help clean.
This might not be the most fun activity, but someone has to do it! With so many animals, there’s always a mess to clean up. Towels and blankets are constantly being used and need to be washed in the laundry. Litter boxes need to be cleaned as well.

Have photoshop skills?
Use your creativity and help design posters or logos. Whether it is for an event, flyer, poster, or a lost dog sign, this is where you can use your expertise. If graphic design and photoshop is something you do as a hobby, why not design for an organization that helps saves lives?

Shelters and rescue organizations are always in need of help. If you have some time to spare or items to donate, it can really make a difference for these animals. Start volunteering!

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