New Year's Resolutions of 2018: Pet Edition!



Happy 2018! With the New Year kicking in, now is the perfect time to start fresh and make changes to your daily routines, such as exercising more and eating healthier. Setting New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for us, but our pets as well! If you want to achieve a better lifestyle for you and your pet, take these resolutions into consideration.  

  1. More exercise and play time. A great way to bond with your pet is taking them out for a walk, playing fetch, or fair game of tug-o-war. Keep your cat engaged with a laser toy or feather teaser. Create a daily exercise routine for the both of you to spend time together, and stay in shape throughout the year! Don’t forget to set some time aside to spend with your pet.
  2. Schedule an appointment to the vet! Regular vet visits are important to your pet’s overall health. The vet can detect any signs of illness, infections, or allergies before the problem gets worse. Don’t wait until your pet is feeling sick to take them to the vet! Trips to the clinic is also a great reminder to be up-to-date with all vaccinations.
  3. Try something new. Have you gone hiking or backpacking with your pet? There are numerous outdoor places to explore with your pet such as the mountains, beaches, or hiking trails. Look up local pet-friendly spots around your neighborhood and make a trip to the outdoors. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, try going on a road trip or take your dog camping in the wilderness. Check that off your bucket list this year!
  4. Learn new tricks. It might be time to brush up on their obedience skills! Whether it’s learning simple commands or agility training, it’s never too late to teach your dog new tricks no matter how old they are. This can help drive mental stimulation and challenge their brains, just don’t forget to reward them with tasty treats!
  5. Find the right diet. If your pet has digestion issues, sensitive skin, or is a senior cat or dog, you might want to consider switching to a formula that best matches your pet’s needs. Be sure to feed the right amount of food depending on your pet’s weight. A good way to keep track of how much they are eating is by measuring out the right amount of food they need a day. This can help manage their weight and keep them in shape.
  6. Keep them well groomed. Let’s keep our pets looking fresh throughout the year! Be sure their nails are trimmed, coats are maintained, and ears are cleaned. If your dog has a longer coat, take them to the groomers for a fresh new do. Keeping them cleaned can optimize your pet’s overall health and happiness. If you are a cat owner, read our blog post on cat coat care.
  7. Brush your pet’s teeth regularly. One of the most overlooked pet health issue is oral hygiene. Try to get in the habit of brushing your pet’s teeth to remove any plaque build-up up that can cause dental disease. This can help prevent periodontal disease, gingivitis and fight bad breath. Dental procedures and teeth cleaning can be very costly, so practicing preventative care can save you a lot of money. Read more on our blog post on how to keep those canines clean. Remember, February is Dental Health Month, and many veterinarians run teeth cleaning specials.
  8. Make new furry friends throughout the year. A great way to bond with other dogs and pet owners is attending dog meet ups! Socializing your dog can prevent territorial and aggressive behaviors from developing as they mature. The dog park is a great start for the year!


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