Adopt a Beagle! Here's Why.

If you’re wondering why Beagles make the best companions, you’re looking at the right place. Beagles date back to the 1800’s and were bred for the purpose of hunting due to their great sense of smell and loyalty. By the 1840’s, Beagles made their way from England to the United States, specifically for hunting purposes. While there are many different variations of Beagles in size, color, and personality, the standard Beagle began to develop throughout America and into the 20th century. Today, Beagles stand to be one of the most popular breeds as family pets all over the world.

Currently, Priceless Pet Rescue rescued over 60+ Beagles in the last month from horrific living conditions in Tennessee. Fortunately, they have been safely transported here in California in hopes to find their new loving families. We’ve shared several reasons to why adopting a Beagle might be the best decision you’ll ever make.

  1. Beagles are super friendly dogs! They get along with almost any person, child, dog, cat, and other pets. They have a great temperament, and you never have to worry about them not getting along with the other pooches at the dog park. They love being surrounded by people and sharing their love with others. Socializing them with outsiders can help them develop social skills and be more cooperative with others.

  2. Beagles are a great size. They are medium sized dogs and range from 18-30 pounds. They fit perfectly as an indoor dog, and can snuggle up with you on the bed.

  3. Beagles are low maintenance when it comes to grooming. They are short haired dogs, which means they have low grooming needs. Because they are medium sized dogs, you can easily bathe them in your own bathroom. However, beagles do shed and grow a thicker coat for the winter. Don’t be surprised when you find fur around the house.

  4. Of course, all dogs will need some sort of training to be a great family dog. Beagles are smart pooches! If you have the time and patience to train a Beagle, you’ll soon find out that they’re extremely intelligent. Beagles are very loyal and obedient, and will love to please their owners by being great listeners.

  5. Beagles are hounds, which make them very alert dogs. This makes them great watch dogs, and warn you if they hear any suspicious noise. This also means that they can be very vocal as well, it’s in their nature to be! Beagles also have a great sense of smell.

  6. They are playful breeds. Just like most dogs, they will need to play and exercise on a daily basis. Looking for a buddy to go hiking or running with? Beagles would love to explore the outdoors with you, and would love to stay by your side! A good walk through the park or car ride would easily make them happy dogs.

  7. Their life expectancy ranges from 12-15 years. If you want a partner for as long as you can, beagles are the way to go. They will give you nothing but love, loyalty, and affection for as long as they live.

  8. Did we mention they’re adorable?! Known for their tri colored coat, and long ears, beagles are very, very cute breeds! No doubt you’ll fall in love with one.

Remember when bringing home a dog, you must be ready for all the responsibilities it can come with. Many times new pet owners return the dog to the shelters because they don’t realize how much it takes to own one. Please be responsible and do your research before adopting!

Thanks to Priceless Pets Rescue, many of the rescued Beagles have found their forever homes and settled into their new families. However, several Beagles have still yet to find their homes at Priceless Pet Rescue, and would love to meet you! If you think a Beagle matches your lifestyle, please stop by their rescue center today, and have a meet and greet with them. Visit them today at their Chino Hills or Claremont location.


Winnie Goh