A Second Chance Means More Than a Number


This November, we’ve teamed up with the San Francisco SPCA to help shine more light on pets over 7 years of age. We hope to encourage those who are looking for new family members to give seniors a second chance at life. Typically, senior pets are often overlooked at shelters due to concerns of their health and longevity. When you adopt a senior at the SF SPCA, new pet owners will receive a Welcome Home Gift from More Than a Cone. Don’t let their age fool you, older dogs have so much to offer and are well deserving of loving homes, and here’s why:

  1. Calmer personalities - Unlike 8 week old puppies, older dogs are a lot calmer.  Senior dogs are much more mellow and go well with people with a more sedentary lifestyle. If you want more of a relaxed dog who you want to sit on the couch with on a lazy Sunday, a senior dog might be best for you!

  2. Less of a mess - Finding a chewed up shoe or torn up couch would not be a surprise with puppies. Puppies tend to be more destructive due to teething behaviors. However, senior dogs are way past their teething stage of life and chances of finding your damaged household items will be less likely.

  3. Less attention - Puppies need lots of training, maintenance, and attention. They will need constant monitoring as they grow up. Senior dogs will still need attention, but significantly less.

  4. Build a close bond with them - Senior dogs still have so much love to give. It doesn’t matter where they came from or who abandoned them, they’ll love you regardless!

  5. Previously trained - Chances are, senior dogs have not been living out on the streets. Many of these senior dogs have once been with previous owners, so they are most likely already trained. Whether their owners have moved out of state, can’t take care of them anymore, or a natural disaster occurred, most of the time these dogs used to have a family and home.

  6. They’re already grown - What you see at the shelter, is what you’ll be taking home and living with. There’s no surprise with them. They have already grown into their personalities and probably will not change. With puppies, you won’t know what kind of dog they will grow up to and their personalities are always unexpected. You’ll learn how they interact and socialize with other dogs and people when you meet them. Shelters can sometime provide you with more detailed information on what their like.

  7. Still trainable - Just because they’re an old dog, doesn’t mean they can’t be trained! Sure, they might be a little slower at catching on, or they aren’t as attentive as puppies are, but they sure can do a couple of tricks to please you!

  8. You’re giving them a second chance! No matter what kind of history they have, they ended up at the shelter for a reason. Normally, senior dogs are overlooked as people are more inclined to adopt puppies. Adopting an older dog is such a rewarding feeling!

A Second Chance Means More Than a Number. Find your senior today at San Francisco SPCA, or your local rescue organization.

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