Be a Part of the Homeless Pet Clubs of America!


We want children to learn to be kind to living things; be kind to animals and be kind to each other.” -Dr. Michael Good.

Through animal interaction, young children are able to develop a sense of empathy and care for the people around them, such as classmates, siblings, teachers, and relatives. A great way to get them started is to create a Homeless Pet Club on your school’s campus. The Homeless Pets Foundation was founded by a Georgia veterinarian, Dr. Michael Good in hopes to have students participate in engaging activities to help save the lives of abandoned animals.

Homeless Pet Clubs are currently expanding throughout the country with 103 partnered shelters and 719 pet clubs. Together, they have helped over 1,500 animals find their forever homes. Teachers reported that they have seen an increase in involvement and enthusiasm in school, improvement in social skills, and a decrease in absence.

Students can spread the word through social media campaigns, word-of-mouth, and displaying posters and flyers throughout their school. This is a great way for them to use teamwork by brainstorming ideas to help these animals find homes. The more exposure we get on the animals and rescue groups, the higher the chance that the animals get adopted out.

Creating this pet club on your school campus is completely free. Click here to register. If there are no participating shelters or rescues near your school’s location, Dr. Good will set your school up with animals through the Homeless Pet Club Foundation. Any animal that is set up with a new family will be transported over through the Underhound Railway for free, and he will meet with the new family in person.

The Homeless Pet Clubs are not only limited to schools, but can also be set up with businesses, military and community groups, and boy/ girl scouts as well. Visit their site for more information on how to start a club in your area.

If you are involved with a rescue group, click here to register. Partnering with the Homeless Pet Club Foundation is completely free, and Dr. Good will personally meet with your organization to see if your group meets the standards of becoming a potential partner group.

Join the movement and be the voice for homeless pets!
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