Why is my dog scooting his behind across the floor?


Something seems to be bothering your dog’s behind, and you can’t pinpoint it. He’s scooting his rear end across the floor and biting at the root of this tail. What is it?

While there are many reasons to why your dog is dragging his rear across the floor, a common reason is that your dog may have anal sac disease, typically known as anal glands. Regardless of age, breed, and size, all dogs are prone to have anal gland problems.

Every dog has a pair of anal glands (sacs) that are located inside the anus. Typically, when a dog defecates, the liquid inside the glands are secreted by the connected ducts for easier passage. This substance has a heavy foul smelling scent that is used to mark their territory. However, when the liquid is not expelled, the substance inside the glands can harden, which can cause inflammation in the ducts. The impaction of the anal glands make it painful and difficult for the dog to release their stool, which is why your dog is scooting across the floor.

Another sign to pay attention to is excessive licking or biting around the anus area. If you see any persistent signs of irritation or discomfort, it is best to consult your veterinarian. In minor situations, your vet will use a lubricated glove and put a finger through the anus to express the glands to release the excess substance. Your vet can teach you how to express your dog’s anal glands at home.

Your dog’s diet can also play a factor in anal glands. A fiber based diet can help prevent future recurrences. Another way is to regularly express the anal glands to help your dog’s feces pass through more easily. Be sure to pay attention to the symptoms, because if it is left untreated, infections and abscesses can develop and cause further problems. For more severe cases or reoccurring problems, surgery may be done to completely remove the anal glands.

Winnie GohComment