Shedding Season is Here!


Spring season is here, which means certain breeds are in the process of shedding off their winter coat. Some dogs will shed more during spring, while there are dogs who shed all year round. Poodles, Bichon Frises, Shih Tzus, Yorkshire Terriers, and Schnauzers shed the least amount of fur. Because dogs will naturally shed their coats over time, there is no way to prevent shedding completely. However, depending on what breed and the health status of the dog, some dogs will shed more than others.

No matter what season it is, we’ve gathered some ways to help control and minimize the amount of fur in your home:

  1. Bathe your pet regularly. Having a clean coat is the way to go! This is a great way to remove all the excessive fur off and help detangle matted fur. However, bathing your dog too often can cause dry, sensitive skin.
  2. Choose the right shampoo. When giving your dog a bath, it is recommended to use a shed control specific shampoo. Most shed control shampoos contain oatmeal, which is used to retain the moisture on your dog’s skin. The drier your dog’s skin is, the more likely your dog will shed.
  3. Brush your pet regularly. This is one of the most effective ways to remove most of the loose fur on your dog’s coat. To prevent fur from getting around the house, the best way is to remove the source. The Furminator is a gentle tool used for deshedding your dog’s coat and does a fantastic job of removing excess fur. Depending on what kind of fur your dog has, find the most suitable tool to use for the best results.
  4. Choose the right diet. If your dog’s coat is looking brittle and dull, switch up their diet. What they eat can be a cause of an unhealthy coat if it does not contain the right nutrients your dog needs. Consider switching to a premium brand with high contents of essential fatty acids, such as Omega 3s and 6s. Talk to your veterinarian for a better understanding of which pet food brand would be best for your dog.
  5. Vacuum and sweep the floor regularly. To prevent fur from accumulating in your house, be proactive about cleaning your home. This is especially important if your dog sheds excessively. You don’t want the fur to pile up!
  6. Use couch covers or car covers. One way to keep your furniture clean is to put couch covers on. This can help prevent fur to get caught on to your couch, especially if it is inevitable to keep your furniture fur free. The covers can be easily machine-washed.
  7. Use a lint roller. If you can’t resist playing with your pup before work, use a lint roller to collect and remove the loose fur and lint on your clothes. This is a handy tool to keep your clothes clean after spending time with a dog who sheds. Great for guests as well!
  8. Purchase a Shed Defender®. Through this on a dog, and it’ll help contain the fur around the house especially if you want to keep a big dog indoors. A Shed Defender® can also help reduce anxiety and be used for medical purposes when worn.

The status of your dog’s health can also be a factor on why your dog is shedding. If your dog is noticeably shedding more than usual, contact your veterinarian for a check up. An infection or disease can be a cause of unusual shedding, and your vet will be able to tell you the underlying issue.

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