Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Pit Bull


Did you know that pit bulls are one of the top breeds that end up in shelters? According to Save a Bull Rescue, research has shown that 93% of pit bulls will be euthanized before being put on adoption, which means that only 1 out of 600 pit bulls will find their forever home. This breed is often overlooked due to their reputation of being aggressive, attacking others, and overall having a tough stature. Because so many of them end up at shelters, a high percentage of them get euthanized due to shortage of space in animal shelters and having a lower adoption rate than other breeds.

Despite the negative stereotypes they carry, pit bulls are well deserving of second chances at life. In fact, with the right training and care, pit bulls can be the friendliest and most gentle pets! Here are several reasons why you should consider adopting a pit bull:

  1. They are athletic! Need a buddy to go hiking with? Pit bulls are energetic dogs who love to explore the outdoors. Bring your pit on a hike, to the dog beach, out for a run, or bike riding. This might encourage you to get out there and get some fresh air with your new furry friend.
  2. Intelligent dogs. Don’t be fooled, pit bulls are intelligent breeds! With proper training, pit bulls are just as obedient as any other dogs. Show off some tricks that you can do with your pit and people will be entertained! Pit bulls are highly food motivated and easy to train.
  3. They make the best cuddle buddies. Pit bulls love spending time with people and showing affection towards them. They might take up some room, but now you’ll have a buddy to be a couch potato with on a Sunday afternoon.
  4. Low maintenance. Don’t worry about grooming all the time! With their short fur, pit bulls don’t require much grooming unlike dogs with long fur.
  5. Take advantage of specials. Because pit bulls have such high breeding rates and low adopting rates, some shelters will offer deals to pit bulls and pit bull mixes such as free spay & neuter or reduced vaccination rates.
  6. Educate others on why pit bulls make fantastic pets. To steer away from the negative stereotype, you can always show others that pit bulls can be just as friendly and gentle as other breeds. Help change the perception of pit bulls!
  7. You’ll be saving a life. This is an obvious one, but there are thousands of homeless pit bulls who are looking for their forever family to love and care for them. With pit bulls being one of the top breeds who end up at shelters, your new dog will thank you for choosing them.

Adopt your new best friend today. Remember to check rescue organizations before going elsewhere, such as Angel City Pit Bulls, who focus on rehoming pit bulls and pit bull mixes. Please do your research first and be sure you have all the resources before bringing a new dog home.

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