More Than a Cone

Danika Kristine


Danika Kristine, also known as DK for short, is an freelance artist and alternative model based in the Bay Area. From creating art since the age of two, influenced heavily by her grandparents whom are artists themselves, she never had any formal training besides from given a brush, a piece of paper and let her wildest dreams come alive. Danika has picked up many mediums since then like ceramic work, videography, photography, sewing-just to name a few. Her vastly diverse and strong artistic resume grows, her passion for learning and experiences of life bring her to continually to seek ways to create.

Danika's illustrations, ceramics, and paintings have appeared at large events, such as Coachella Music and Arts Festival, to small art shows frequented in Northern California. Her goal is to travel the world meeting other artists that inspire her and create more art for others to see/feel. She focuses on the human body as her main subject: the breaking of societies standards of attractiveness, seeking the depth in old quotes that fulfill and motivate us, and always alluring curiosity of this world and inspirations from others of what makes them happy.