More Than a Cone



FISHE is a Los angeles based artist. Drawing influence from graffiti, collage, abstract expressionism, Chicano art, and sacred geometry, FISHE fuses these stylistic movements creating a visual language all his own. Beginning his art career in the mid 1990’s  painting graffiti on the streets of LA, and as an early member of the highly influential LA graffiti crews LTS & KOG, FISHE’s strong presence on the streets earned him a reputation as one of LA’s graffiti elite. With graffiti as the mode of engagement, FISHE has painted public surfaces in virtually every big city in the US, as well as throughout Europe and the Americas. To supplement his experience as a graffiti artist, FISHE gained a deeper understanding of contemporary art theory and formal training from the University of California Riverside, graduating with his BA in studio art. FISHE has also recently become better known for painting large-scale murals in New Orleans, Detroit, Oakland, and Miami as a participant in the traveling art exhibition SURVIVE. Adding to this, his recent curatorial work and museum installations have solidified his reputation as an artist to watch. With the content dictating the medium, FISHE is also moving his practice into the realm of site-specific sculpture and installation. With an ever-evolving repertoire of medium and scale, FISHE continues to evolve as a visual artist while blurring the line between his graffiti and fine art practice.