More Than a Cone

J.M. Gallo 2018

 J.M. Gallo's contribution to MTAC 2014.

J.M. Gallo's contribution to MTAC 2014.

“I have spent much of my career creating decorative objects, art framing and craft works. This past year, however, I've invested a lot of my time with an old passion. Early on in 2014 I began a mission to reclaim my fine arts interests in the form of drawing with charcoal and graphite, and painting in oils. I've discovered that this path of expression, that I'd previously abandoned for other artistic pursuits, still offers me a great deal of gratification. Like walking the streets of one's hometown after being away for decades, the landscape has changed from many perspectives, yet the energy is still familiar. As I continue absorbing figures, forms and feelings, processing them through my experiences, and expressing them back through my art, I hope you will periodically take a look, and bring along with you a part of what I share.” -  J. M. Gallo

An alumnus of California Institute of the Arts, aka CalArts, J. M. Gallo has been a working artist, designer and craftsman in the Los Angeles area for more than two decades. His designs for artistic enclosures and fine art framing have won him numerous awards with Design Star and the PPFA competitions. Most recently J. was awarded the Professional Picture Framer’s Association 1st place recipient for design, concept and execution in fine art framing for the 2015-2016 year. He regularly consults and collaborates with other artists, drawing upon his experiences, to help artists fulfill their visions of producing and displaying their art.