More Than a Cone

Kristen Reichert


Kristen Reichert grew up in Missouri but she always knew her true place was with the ocean and the sun in California. She also always knew she was an artist.  By way of good luck she was able to make it from the Midwest all the way to the west coast to study at UCSB and then on to live in Paris and take part in a whirlwind of travels.  Throughout these eclectic adventures Kristen’s dreams were stimulated and her need to create grew broader alongside each new experience.  
The nature of Kristen’s work varies from time to time, but it almost always involves portraiture.  As an enthusiast of fashion and style, her work is a tribute to beauty’s powerful and complex hold over life.   
Kristen’s current body of work, titled “Love at Last Sight,” features spray paint streaked backgrounds juxtaposed against oil portraits.  Her work plays with the use of color as a way to unify different techniques while simultaneously creating an underlying tension among opposites.  This use of contrast creates a curious conflict between order & chaos, beauty & destruction, and the traditional & unusual.