More Than a Cone

Will Thompson


Will has been tattooing for over 21 years. He comes from a long family line of accomplished artists; creativity and artistry are in his blood. Growing up, his parents gave him the time and support he needed to explore his creativity and expand upon his interests to become the person he is today. He's spent almost two decades perfecting his craft and continues to grow and learn with every new tattoo.

Will isn't an artist an artist that focuses on just one style or subject; he strongly believes that limits his creativity and growth as a professional. He enjoys working on larger tattoos, such as full back, arm, chest or leg pieces because it gives him the room he needs to turn a body into a landscape. Will feels accomplished when he gives his clients exactly what they envisioned. Other than tattooing, his hobbies include: painting, sculpting, welding, photography and make-up artistry.